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Add an Affordable Second Bathroom for Your Home

A second bathroom is even nice to have when you live alone!

Nothing enhances your quality of life and nothing returns more added home value per dollar invested like adding a second bathroom affordably!

How affordably?

For a basic functional ground floor bathroom installation over crawl space or basement total material and labor costs ready for you to final finish and paint could come in as low as $1,750 for a half bath with no tub or shower or $2,900 for a full bath. And I stand behind my productivity for your money on an hourly basis. In this minimal basic example. Some additional savings come by adding your own final finish and painting, cabinets, towel racks, shower closure, etc. Of course, at additional cost, I can include final finish and install higher end fixtures, doors, spigots, and stock cabinets of your choice, higher end flooring or ceramic tile.

How much can be saved?

Well the example above is a basic functional bathroom that you finish and customize yourself. It's priced for everyday people and it takes hard work to deliver a bathroom at these prices. Everything will be straigt, properly connected and will serve you well. You can inspect a pre-existing installation here in Fairfield. To see what a full service installation of high end bathroom can cost, you should call around. And you might also find it fascinating to take this "xtrabath.com" web address and add an "e" to the beginning and check out what a Philadelphia area bathroom specialist feels a full service installation using high end fixtures and ceramic tile should reasonably cost.

But I live alone.

A second bathroom is even nice to have when you live alone!