Bathroom Answers

Can I upgrade to a Whirlpool Bath?

Yes. They cost around $400 and up. A $200 heater is also recommended because the circulating water cools so fast. A whirlpool will need at least one additional outlet underneath, on a 20 amp circuit breaker at the panel, and an access hatch on the outside walls off both ends of the tub. If the outside walls on both ends of the tub are not exterior walls, an ideal installation is doable. Otherwise, it still may be doable. But accessibility will be difficult if the pump ever needs to be changed out. It's your choice.

What about electrical work?

Unless you choose to go for a whirlpool tub, typically three or four electrical boxes are involved for two outlets, a vanity light fixture, and perhaps a bath fan. You can tie in yourself if you feel up to it or if you know somebody, otherwise it's just three or four electrical boxes for an electrician to install.

How long will it take?

Hopefully done in eight to to fifteen long working days, depending on what's involved. Will have a better idea after looking at your project. It would be helpful if the work site be accessible from 9AM to 8PM six or seven days a week if you could.

Can second floor bathrooms go anywhere?

Location of a toilet on a second floor is limited. It may need to be close to a vertical drain pipe. If the vertical drain pipes cannot go inside the wall, it may be necessary to create a vertical pipe enclosure against the wall to enclose them. Will try to accommodate you.

What about ceramic tiles and floors, built in cabinets and custom woodwork?

I will be happy to give your ceramic tile work the careful attention that it deserves. I can install stock cabinets and can create custom ceramic counter tops using your choice of tile. Custom built cabinets of high quality materials can be ordered in knocked-down form from online sources. Some custom wood work may have to be sub-contracted out. High end bathrooms are works of art and encompass a broad repertoire of possibilities. My intention is to accommodate all of your choices and to create whatever you want.

What payment schedule applies?

We should iron out a written proposal together rather than committing to verbal understanding. An initial proposal can be based on using basic fixtures and refined. If you take applicable discounts, the cost of materials and basic fixtures is roughly 50% total cost on the proposal after discounts. Upgrading fixtures may push that cost of materials well above 50% of total cost of the job after discounts. A deposit based on materials cost will be needed to schedule the work and pick up materials. Materials and fixtures will be delivered to your home, pending space avalablity indoors. Alternatively, you may pick up selected fixtures yourself, reducing that initial deposit accordingly. Once work starts, rather than running an unpaid tab for the entire job, incremental partial payments at 15 to 20 hour increments would be appreciated to keep your project on the front burner and get it done. Also, the affordable pricing offered on the proposal is made possible by diligence and expediency. To achieve that for you, continuous access to to the property from 9AM to 8PM or as much as is feasible would be appreciated to allow the job be completed without delays.

But I live alone.

A second bathroom is even nice to have when you live alone!