picture of joint compound dust collectorFEAR NOT THE DUST WHEN REMODELING! This is an abrasive screen on a perforated drywall sanding board connected to a collector bucket and a vacuum. Dust from sanding drywall joint compound is significantly minimized.
picture of a tiled foyerTile Foyer Entrance
Bedroom Floor - Add 1/4 Round Molding and Freshen Up the Finish

picture of my truckMY TRUCK
picture of a bathroom sink back splashA Porcelain Tile Bathroom Sink Back Splash
picture of simulated wainscoting, chair rail, wall sink, and back mosaic splashSimulated Wainscoting, Chair Rail & Wall Sink Installation With A Mosaic Tile Back Splash
marble tub surround with a custom soap niche.The soap niche shelf in this marble tub surround is not a prefab. It's custom fabricated from lumber, sized to fit where wanted without cutting into the wall studs, lined with cement board, and taped and mortared to the rest of the surround. Solid rigid underlayment is the goal for permenant tile work.
New Drywall & Trim

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