Payments On Hourly Work

I'm primarily a one-man operation with no accounts receivable management system in place. I am sensitive to what things cost my customers and I usually try to operate as if I was paying for these projects myself. I can price the labor intensive work that I do much more affordably if my time and focus is not spent nursing up slow payments from work previously completed. On running hourly jobs, please reimburse time and materials every two or three days to keep your project on the front burner and get it done. Small, fractional day size jobs, please pay upon completion, preferably before I leave the property. On bid work, please reimburse time and materials incrementally when invoiced to keep the workflow on your project.

Payments From Out of Town

If you are out of town and need something taken care of pronto, I will deal with your work needs as if I were out of town and in your position myself. But advance payment or advance deposit as requested please. Options and my escrow option are listed HERE. I painfully regret having to require prepayment from out of town companies and out of town property owners. I can provide references from national facilities management companies.

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